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What have we been up to?

Hello to our lovely customers and e mail subscribers. How are you all?

We’ve been keeping busy in the little kitchen and have continued to ‘evolve.’ Despite starting the business with a fairly clear idea about what our plans and ambitions were, we’ve had to constantly change these to fit in with the restrictions and may we say, unusual circumstances that come with a global pandemic. But, we have really enjoyed the whole process! We think it’s safe to say, that the business will probably keep changing and we’re happy to go with that so if you have any suggestions, requests or ideas that you would like to see us implement, please let us know. As many of you know, we now offer a vegan naan bread to go with our curries and it was of our customer’s ideas that we provide these, so thank you Helen for asking us to make them.

Since we were last in touch, we’ve been involved in a couple of new things; Wivenhoe Town Council asked us to participate in their Wellness Retreat initiative. This started on 22 February and runs for a fortnight. If you check their website ( there are a range of activities and sessions that you can participate in (free of charge) to help with improving health and well-being and we were very happy to provide a couple of short ‘films’ for this. We won’t be giving up our day jobs anytime soon to pursue a career in film or TV - think more Acorn Antiques than Nigella!

Following on from the success of our Christmas menu, we will be offering special dishes for Mothering Sunday. Check our website for full details of the food that will be available. At the moment, we will have a Springtime Wellington (pictured above) and a box of chocolate chip cookies. We might expand these to include a couple of additional dishes so best keep checking the website.

As you know, we offer a free delivery service to customers who live in Wivenhoe and our Saturday boy, Jim, really enjoys dropping the orders off. Yesterday, we had our first delivery to Colchester courtesy of the Colchester Ecargo Bike Delivery Project. This is a new and exciting initiative offering delivery from local businesses to your home. These bikes have many advantages over cars and vans as they are versatile, convenient, are low cost to run, and perhaps most importantly, produce zero emissions and don’t create air pollution. The service covers a 4.5 mile radius from Colchester High Street so includes us here in Wivenhoe, Elmstead, Rowhedge, Stanway, Highwoods, Great Horkesley and Abberton and Layer. There is a basic £3 delivery charge although this could be higher for large/heavier items. We’re going to be looking at whether we can incorporate this charge through our website but for the time being, payment would need to be made directly to Lee who is running this initiative (and riding the bike). We fully support this project and if you would like to do the same, have a look at their Facebook page (Colchester Ecargo Bike Delivery Project), give Lee a call on 07852 958953 or send him an e mail at

That’s about it for now. Keep safe and well. Our thanks as always for your on-going support and encouragement.

Bev & Julie

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