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Happy Easter (and other news)

Easter greetings to you all

We can’t believe it, but we’ve been open for six months! And not only have we been open, we’ve made new friends, learned a huge amount, developed our little business and managed to have a good time. We really couldn’t ask for more, so thank you all.

We’ve been so busy, we’ve taken on a Saturday girl. This is Carol who works alongside us every weekend and raises the glamour stakes in the kitchen by 100%. Here she is, modelling our apron and showing off the naan breads 😂

So, we’re now a team of 4 and there really isn’t room in the unit for any additional staff. However, we have been having regular visits from Lee and his e cargo bike. He collects orders from us and delivers them back in Colchester for a fee of just £3 so if this is something that you’re interested in arranging, just place your order with us and then ask Lee to collect and deliver it to your home. His number is 07852 958953 or e mail at

In other news, we thought that as spring had arrived and summer is on the way (it’s snowing as we’re writing this!) we would make a small change to our menu. From this week, we will be making a plant based pasta sauce in place of the weekly soup option. We’ll be selling these in tubs that will serve two people. All you have to do is decide what sort of pasta would complement the sauce.

This week we have Alfredo sauce, named after Alfredo di Lelio who is credited with creating this gorgeous thick and creamy sauce. While he used butter and Parmesan cheese, our version is 100% plant based and it tastes divine.

Why not try it yourself and let us know what you think or if there are any sauces that you’d like us to make, just let us know. We love getting your suggestions and requests.

In addition to the pasta sauces, we will continue to change the menu on a weekly basis. There does seems to be a bit of a pattern developing with the options of curries, pies or lasagnes appearing most weeks. We usually update the website and social media pages on Saturday afternoons and if you want to guarantee that you’ll get the dish you really want, we still ask that you order by the following Thursday. Otherwise, it’s always lovely to see people when they come down to the business centre, but you’ll have to take pot luck. Again, if there are any dishes that you would like to see us prepare, please just ask. We’re sure that the menu will continue to evolve in line with demand, season and whim!

Finally, we were asked before Christmas, if we sold gift vouchers. We thought that this was a great idea so we designed some and then promptly forgot to tell anyone we had them, until now. They make a great gift and can be made out to any amount.

So that’s it for now. We look forward to continuing to make food for you, seeing you at the unit and the next six months, when who knows, we might be getting back to some semblance of a ‘normal’ life, whatever that is.

Best wishes

Bev & Julie

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